Please email me your goals for the week.  The goal(s) should be realistic and detailed.  Do not send me “complete videos” as your goal.  Be specific as to which training you are going to be working on.

Please remember to complete  “Leave Request Form” any time you will be absent, tardy or leave early.  This form is available from the “Adult Students” and “High School Students” menus at the top of this blog.  Thank you to all the seniors who completed the leave request form last week for their absence today for the event at NWOSU.

Don’t forget I will be notifying AHS of any tardies or absences.  If you are to be in class by 8:20 am then clocking in at 8:21 am is tardy.  Please get here early enough to get clocked in by 8:20 and avoid a line at the time clock.

Speaking of time, please set your blog to the correct time zone.  To do this, go to the General Settings feature of the Dashboard and change the Time Zone to Chicago.  If you need help doing this,  please ask.

Congratulations to the Alva Goldbugs on their win Friday night!  Did any of you have entries in the Woods County Fair?  If so, please let me know how you did.  Also, are their any students who participate in Fall sports besides the AHS football players?  If so, please bring it to my attention by sending me an email or telling me during class.

Be sure to subscribe to some of the other students blogs… lots of interesting and helpful information can be shared amongst the class.  Check out Tanner’s blog entry – explaining how to wrap text around an image in WordPress.

Part of your success of the Digital Design class is measured by certification exams by a company named Brainbench. Our Oklahoma Department of CareerTech has chosen to use Brainbench testing as a benchmark for your knowledge.  Throughout the class you will be required to take certain Brainbench exams such as Computer Fundamentals, Computer Literacy, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, XHTML, etc. depending on which career major you have selected (Graphic Design Specialist, Desktop Publisher/Graphic Designer, or Web Producer).  To earn the certification you must score a 2.75 out of a 5 rating.  At this time I would like to congratulate two students for earning Brainbench certifications last week:  Matthew M.  (Computer Fundamentals Mac OS X 10.4) and Aaron L.  (Adobe Photoshop CS5).  Great job!

I came across an article about the “Five technology skills every student should learn” –  I have listed them below.  Do you have all the following skills?

  1. Online Literacy – “Students need to be able to read a news article and determine if there is bias and if it’s truthful. They then need to learn how to read the comment sections of online news articles and respond appropriately with a well thought-out comment.” —Sandy Harty, Salt Lake City
  2. Critical Thinking – “It is using technology in the questioning of what is known and unknown; developing new facts or theories from what is known; questioning assumptions and fact with new knowledge and facts. These are the skills needed, not an office suite or set of things.” —Dr. Neil Schaal, director of grants management, EAGLE-Net Alliance
  3. The Science behind the technology – The issue is not what piece of software/hardware to educate our future leaders about, but what it takes to make the software and piece of hardware.
  4. Adaptability – “I believe that having enough resourcefulness, initiative, risk-taking, and creativity to learn and master any technology is necessary, as we actually cannot predict what technology 10 years from now will look like.” —Jane Cacacho
  5. Courage – “I think a great skill to have is fearlessness: Being able to experiment with a technology or software and not worry if you’re using it ‘correctly.’ It’s important to remember that technology is there to bend to your will, not the other way around.” – author unknown

Quote:  The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions. ~ Antony Jay