Guess what …. cookies today at break time in student lounge area!

By now you should have your blog up and running and at least two posts available for viewing.   If you do not, please ask for help asap!  Are you curious about what other students have created for a blog?  Go to the “links” menu on my blog and then select “Student Blogs/Websites” then “Current Students”.  Are you curious how to “follow” other students’ blogs?  If you are “logged in” to your account, you can view another student’s blog.  In the top left corner there should be a “+Follow” button.  If you click that button, you can then start following the student’s blog posts.  Have you noticed the WordPress icon in the top left corner of your blog window (W with circle around it)?  If you hover over that icon, you select the WordPress Reader. This is where you can read the lastest postings of those people you follow!

If you have not made a post for each day this week, you need to do so.  You should have a post every single day of class.  What do I expect for a post?  Tell me what you worked on, what you learned or what skills you practiced, and provide me a link to the actual work or a photo or picture of the work.  Your posts should be at least three sentences long.  Want to see an example post that will earn you an A+ – here is a sample post from Tanner –  Notice how she goes into detail about what she completed and learned and even has a screen shot of what she was working on!  An example of a post on “project day” is  I will be posting photos I take during class on the class Facebook page at You may download your photo and add it to your blog if you wish.  I will start including your posts as part of your grade next week.  I will review all the criteria with you again next Tuesday (we don’t have school on Monday) so you will have a better idea of what you need to do to earn your “A”.

If you are not sure what to work on, please ask.

Do you like what you can accomplish with  Adobe Photoshop but don’t like the price?  Read the article “6 Photoshop Alternatives for the Casual Designer” by Blog.SpoonGraphics.

Quote:  You can have it all, just not all at once. ~ Oprah Winfrey