This will be the first “full” week of class!  Next week, however, we will have a four day week again because we get Monday off due to Labor Day!

If you have not started and created your blog on WordPress, please ask me for help today.  You should delete the “Hello World” post that was a sample post and post the summaries of the “Mac” video training.  You also need to create a post daily that summarizes what you worked on that day.  If you created something in Photoshop or another program, you need to create a link to your work.  You will have to ask me for help with this.

If you have started your blog and completed all the other work, then you are ready to start on either Photoshop, HTML, or another program such as InDesign.  I will help get you started in your individual areas.  Please ask me what you should be working on.

I have not changed the timesheet format yet.  Please clock in and out on the timesheets each day.  You will start the “goals” section next week.  Please write a short summary on what you accomplish or work on each day in the appropriate section.

Quote:  Remove failure as an option and your chances for success become infinitely better.” ~ Joan Lunden