Ready for a project? I usually start out the year using MS Publisher for a project… but… we don’t have MS Publisher with the Office 2011 for Mac so we’ll just jump right in using Photoshop. If you want a break from the video training, blog, etc. ask me to help you with either a mousepad or a velcro beverage insulator.  I have emailed you the template for the beverage insulator. The dimensions for the mousepad are 9.25″ wide and 7.75″ tall.

Put your time sheets in the tray after clocking out at the end of the period today. I’ll have new time sheets ready for you next Monday.

It’s also time for some photos! Make sure I get a photo of you with your mouse pad or beverage insulator before you leave today if you get it completed.

Quote: Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. ~ Roy Goodman