We are making some changes with our Lynda.com accounts.  You should have received an email from Lynda.com regarding a new account.  Please ask me for help BEFORE clicking on anything in the email and setting the requested password.

If you have not signed up for a free t-shirt, you must do so first thing this morning.  I will submit the orders to Mrs. Barton this morning.

If you are not sure what to work on, please ask.  You should have completed (or almost completed) the following at this point:

  • Letter to Mrs. Frascht based on the previously stated requirements
  • Email Mrs. Frascht your 10 favorite quotes
  • Student Information Survey (on my blog)
  • Computer Experience Survey (on my blog)
  • HS Schedule (high school students only)
  • Mac OS X Lion Lynda.com training  and have summary of what you have learned typed in MS Word
  • Switching from Windows to Mac (2012) Lynda.com training and have summary of what you have learned typed in MS Word
  • WordPress.com Essential Training Lynda.com training
  • Set up your own WordPress.com blog that includes a theme of your choice, blog post with summaries of the Lynda.com training, blog post summarizing what you do today, and an About Me page.  You should also have custom categories set up such as Assignments, Projects, Other Info.

Please ask me for help with any of the above if you have not yet completed them.

After completing that work, I will start you on Photoshop or another area based on your interests and past experience.

Tomorrow we may try to make mouse pads or beverage insulators (rectangular velcro kind).  Be thinking of ideas!

Quote:  Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential. ~ Winston Churchill