One week down! Hope you are enjoying the class.

Today at break time (10 am and 2 pm) we have some activities planned for all the students in the daytime programs.  Please meet in the break area (or maybe Seminar Room) to participate in the activities.

Please sign up today if you wish to have a free “NW Tech” t-shirt.  The sign up sheet is on the round table.

I all students to decide on their “career major”.  Basically I need to know if you want to complete graphic design activities (Photoshop mainly) or web design activities (html, css coding, etc.).  I will be visiting with you individually about which area you want to work on.

You should be finishing up the Mac video training, video training, and setting up your blog.  Please email me when you have completed the setup of your blog.  I will then start first year students either on Photoshop or Web coding.  I will start returning students on other things depending on what you completed last year.

Quote:  “Whatever you are, be a good one.” ~ Abraham Lincoln