Hope you enjoyed a day “off” from class yesterday.  Now… full steam ahead!  No more days off until Labor Day.

Interested in a free t-shirt?  All you have to do is sign up before Friday!  The sign up sheet for a free Northwest Tech t-shirt is on my table.  Provide your name, size, and color preference and in a few weeks your free Northwest Tech t-shirt will arrive!  Students may order additional shirts in the front office if you want more than just the free one.  Payment for additional shirts is required at the time of ordering and extra shirts are $12 each (sizes sm-xl).  Larger sizes are $2 per additional x…for example a XXXL shirt is $16.  Almost all of the colors have sizes available through 2XL…larger sizes are not available in all colors.  If you have questions about the t-shirts, we can ask Mrs. Barton.

Interesting results from the PC Windows vs iMac poll on Friday!  The Mac won 12 to 2.  I should have put a question as to whether or not your answer would have been different before  you started this class!

What to do now??  If you have not completed the Lynda.com video training  for the Mac OS X Lion Essential Training as well as Switching from Windows to Mac (2012), please complete that training.  After that you will complete the WordPress.com Essential Training.  Be sure to complete the WordPress.com and not the WordPress training… almost the same but not quite!  As you complete the WordPress.com Essential Training, I want you to start creating your own blog.  Please ask me for help when signing up for your free WordPress.com account.  When you have set up your blog, selected a theme, added at least one post and one page, email me the link to your blog.  If you have completed all that…. ask me what to do next.  Most likely I will start you on Photoshop training unless you are a returning student.

Quote:  Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.  ~ Henry David Thoreau