I know it is sometimes boring at the beginning of the year to be bombarded with all the “rules” and “what not to do’s”.  So, I haven’t exactly gone over all those for my class yet.  By the end of next week I hope to have covered all the rules and basic information and will give you some “quizzes” to verify your knowledge of them.

One thing that is new this year at Northwest Tech is students who miss ten days a semester will not be allowed to enroll the next semester.  For high school students, absences for  school activities do not count.  All other absences (illness, doctor appointments, etc.) do count towards the ten days.  So…. be sure to be in class!  I have a great group this year and I don’t want to lose anyone next semester due to attendance issues!

I visited with the afternoon class yesterday about the Leave Request Forms.  I have not informed the rest of you about that form.  The Leave Request Form is on the Adult and Student menus on this blog.  If you are going to be absent for any reason, please complete the form and submit it to me.  I would appreciate it being sent prior to any absence if possible.  If you cannot submit it prior to the absence, submit it as soon as possible afterward.  If you need to leave early for any reason, please submit a Leave Request and mark the Leave Early box.  If you know you are going to be late to class for some reason, submit the form and mark the Tardy box.  If you are tardy and didn’t plan for that beforehand, please complete the form when you arrive.  Any questions??  If so, please ask me.

I think I have given you lots to things to think about the last couple of days so I am not posting any new assignments.  If you run out of things to do… by all means let me know and I’ll get you started on something new.

Just a reminder …. we do NOT have class on Monday due to teacher inservice.  So, see you Tuesday!

Quote:  “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” ~ Lewis Carroll